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Myanmar Microfinance Data Sharing Platform (MCIX) is an independent network that provides Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) with business credit intelligence within an ethical, legal and professional framework. MCIX facilitates information exchange between MFIs in Myanmar to minimize bad credit and appropriately manage credit risk, promoting transparency in the transactional behavior of debtors. ​MCIX enables information sharing that allows for the control and monitoring of multiple, overlapping loans while protecting the privacy of clients is in the interest of MFIs, clients, and the overall financial sector.​
MCIX integrates credit data from MFIs into a common analytics system to provide incredible insights about micro borrowers.​​ MCIX is transforming the way MFIs collect, verify, analyse, and manage data intelligently to improve the overall customer experience whilst adhering to their own internal risk management, fraud or compliance procedures.​
MCIX is committed to assisting MFIs to control and monitor client over-indebtedness. MCIX suite of financial analytical tools improves the decision making process and efficiency of the loan officers as information about customers will be available at loan officer’s finger tips. MFIs are faced with important strategic decisions every day. Methods used to assess and manage credit risk have a critical effect on a MFI’s bottom line. Timely information can be an effective management tool for making better-informed decisions.​
Good credit decisions are based on timely and accurate credit information that is not always readily available from standard reporting sources. MCIX platform dramatically improves the quality, cost and delivery of business credit information with a secure and scalable data cloud computing backbone. MCIX automates and expands the network intelligence, so MFIs can obtain client over-indebtedness information from other MFIs when you need it. MCIX has established a painless, automated process to add your monthly transactional data.​

MCIX provides the following tools and services that will enable MFIs to improve efficiency, to make informed lending decisions, and to manage credit risks.

Management Information System
Highly-scalable, secured, cloud-based management information system for MFIs to exchange data to control and monitor client over-indebtedness.
Credit Intelligence
Business intelligence tools to analyze and visualize data and make informed decisions.
Credit Data Exchange
Unlimited storage, mapping and calibration of data in the data exchange network. MCIX data experts work closely with MFIs to organize, clean,  map and quality check data.
Analytical reports that MFIs can generate as needed.
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