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MCIX Data Validator Application

MCIX Data Validator App is created specifically for MCIX super users to perform preliminary data validation right on their own machines before uploading the file to the MCIX portal, thereby removing the need to wait for a day for the overnight validation process. It can check data format, and data type and look up the value errors. And super users can keep checking and correcting the errors on-the-fly until the file has the data quality. 


Please note that some validation processes that need cross-referencing of existing data (such as township error suspected cases) can still be done only with an overnight process due to the large data volume.

Image by Marissa Grootes

How to extract the Zip file?

Open the file explorer (WinRAR app). Then, open the archive file/zipped file in the "File" tab of WinRAR and extract it to the specific location. ( If WinRAR does not run on your machine, please install it.)

  • To unzip the entire zipped folder, right-click and select "Extract all". Then you can choose the path where your extracted file is located.

  • To unzip the single zipped file, double-click the file to open it. Then, drag or copy the item to a new location.

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