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Q: Does the user name have to be an email address? 

A: For super users, we recommend using a valid email address so that we can contact you.


For other users, there is no need to use a valid email address. But, please use this format in creating a user ID ( User name should be unique and not shared among different users. Audit reports shows which users searched what.

Q: Can I create a new account or log-in to my account when the status of the Account/MFI is inactive?

A: As a superuser, you can create new accounts. But power users and normal users can’t log-in during inactive state.

Q: What is the format of the password?

A: Password must be at least 8 characters and require at least 1 upper case, 1 number and 1 special character.

Q: Can I change the password by myself?

A: You can change your password if you remember your old password. To change the password, click the user icon from the upper right side and reset the password.

If you are not a super user and you forgot the password, you need to contact the super user.


Note: Super users have access to reset the password of all users.

Q: What should I do when I forget my password?

A: Please contact to MCIX admin (super user) from your organization, and request to change the password.

Q: How to delete a logged-in user?

A: Click Delete icon of the user from the search user menu. It will change the status of the users to inactive.

Q: How many files do I need to upload monthly in the MCIX?

A:  Three files

  • active loans 

  • written-off

  • monthly clients count by the township


Note: Please download the “Template Explanation File” under “Upload File” section to see which fields are required. File names must be the same as template file names.

Q: Should NRC format be in Myanmar or English?

A: We accept both languages.

If it is in Myanmar, the file type must be CSV UTF-8 (Comma Delimited). CSV UTF-8 is supported over the Excel version 2016. To get a sample file, you can download from the upload file menu of MCIX. 

For townships, please use codes from MIMU dataset instead of the township name.​


  • Active Borrowers mean borrowers who have an outstanding loan amount including delinquent clients.

  • Written-Off Borrowers mean borrowers who stopped repayment for a long time and you have written him/her off from the books.

Q: How can I know that my uploaded file is successfully processed?

A: You can see at the Folder column of the Upload Data menu.

  • If a file is being currently uploaded, Folder column will show "Inbox" and you can delete it in this state.

  • If a file is successfully processed, Folder column will show "Processed" and you can see the result (the number of successful and unsuccessful records) by clicking the “View Stats” icon under the Action column.

  • If ​a uploaded file is failed, Folder column will show as "Error".

Q : How can I calculate 80% active borrowers?

A: The number of active borrowers uploaded via "Active loans" file should be at least 80% of the total borrowers mentioned in the “Monthly Active Borrower Count by Township” file. This affects active/inactive status of MFI in MCIX.

Q: How can I calculate 80% write-off borrowers?

A: 80% write-off borrower calculation is based on the number of total write-off borrowers which is mentioned in the “Monthly Active Borrower by Township” file. This flag will affect the visibility of the write-off section on the credit report.

Q: What will happen if I miss uploading at least 80% of total active borrowers by the deadline?

A: Your MFI will be inactivated and normal users will not be able to log-in anymore. Only the superuser will still have access to “File Upload” and “User Management” functions. Once superuser uploads the files and 80% threshold is met, the account will be reactivated the next day automatically.

Q: What will happen if I miss the deadline?

A: When you miss the deadline, your access to MCIX will be revoked. Please see the answer in the previous section. 
Please note that MCIX Team is not able to run the file during working hours to enable access for the MFI to MCIX.

Q: What is the updated date of the search result?

A: Updated date is the latest updated date as per the submitted date of the file.



 Updated date will change by


  • If the borrower exists in the latest submitted file, the date of the borrower will be updated.

  • If the borrower does not exist in the latest submitted file, the borrower’s status will be changed to inactive.

Q: What is the bulk search?

A: Bulk search is a function to search many NRCs at once. (max 100 at a time)

Ref: Steps to search

  • click "Download sample CSV for Bulk Search" to get CSV file

  • put the NRCs under the NRC columns and save the CSV

  • browse the CSV file and click "Start upload" to view the result.

Q: How can I see the written-off borrowers?

A: You can see the total number of written-off clients for each institution at Upload (Written-Off) menu.

You can see the detailed information of the written-off clients by entering the NRC of the borrowers in the Search menu.

Q: What does it mean by Active Y/N at Search?


  • "Y” means the borrower has an active loan and in the latest file submitted to MCIX.

  • “N” means the borrower is no longer in any of the latest files. 

Q: When do I see the updated/uploaded result?

A: You can see the updated result the next day after a file is successfully uploaded.

Q: When will I see the new townships?

A: You will see the new townships after the client file with new townships has been uploaded.

Q: How do I calculate the Overlap Summary and Detail?

A: The calculation of Overlap Summary and Detail is based on the last 6 digits of NRC.

Q: What does “Loan Count 1, 2, 3, 4, ...” mean in Overlap Summary?

A: These are the number of overlapped institutions. Loan Count 1 means non-overlapped. Loan Count 2 means there are two overlapped institutions. Loan Count 3 means there are three overlapped institutions. And, so on.

Q: How can I see our subscription end date?

A: You can see the subscription end date at the “Account Information” column of “Account” menu.

Q: How much does MCIX cost?

A: Subscription fees for MCIX is calculated based on the number of clients that MFI serves. The agreement is made for one year, and the invoice for the first year is issued once the Agreement is signed. The subscription fee does not change within the year. The new charges will be recalculated based on the number of active borrowers when the subscription is renewed.

Announcement regarding MCIX Maintenance Windows

Dear  MCIX users,

Please note that the following day and time period has been designated in advance as maintenance window of MCIX during which new features and fixes can be applied.


Date: Every Thursday

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (Myanmar Time)

We aim to keep the service interruption of MCIX to the minimum and will use the maintenance window only when we have changes to release. However, the objective of the maintenance widow is to ensure that MCIX users can anticipate the system outage during this period while the required maintenance tasks are performed, and most importantly, to minimize unscheduled maintenance.


How we communicate maintenance windows?

Regular maintenance windows: We won't send maintenance notifications unless we need to deviate from the regular schedule.  

Other types of maintenance: For other required maintenance, like urgent fixes, we'll notify you on MCIX login page.

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Please contact MCIX Support:


Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays, between 09:00 and 18:00 by email, Skype and telephone.
Tel: +95-9978669442
Skype: MCIX Support
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